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dummy M2HB 50 cal. It is made with original parts. It was semi I built back in 2003. Back then the ATF required that it be completely welded together. Found out that the semi side plate was not up to specs. Gun could not be taken back apart do to welds. The barrel extension is welded in place to hold the barrel. I have a barrel that goes with it. $3000.00. Email @


M35a2 Radiators $350 each Call George at 502-648-7029

Hummer Radiator $400 last one in good shape Call George at 502-648-7029

1984 M925 5 ton Clean title  $9,000.00

for sale 007 (Small) for sale 008 (Small)



1975 M35A2 Winch model Hard cab heater
Clear title  $4200.00

for sale 005 (Small) for sale 006 (Small)

1942 WC51
runs good steers and all 4 x 4 work
Needs finished Clear title $2500.00

for sale 001 (Small) for sale 002 (Small) for sale 003 (Small) for sale 004 (Small)

Steel shipping crates

for sale 009 (Small) for sale 010 (Small)

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