Mission Report

The KILROY Mission

KILROY Military Vehicle Club, a cohesive regional organization, is dedicated to enthusiasts interested in the restoration, preservation, and safe operation of retired military vehicles. We honor our veterans and support local organizations through education and demonstration of these historic vehicles.

Kentucky & Indiana Living Relics Of Yesteryear

The KILROY Military Vehicle Club is an affiliate chapter of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA). The organization provides an experienced, friendly support structure to those wishing to restore, display, or drive historic military relics.

KILROY members regularly participate in festivals, parades, and other fun events providing a chance for the public to see rolling history up close. KILROY members are committed to providing opportunities for education about the role these “steel soldiers” played in the protection of our freedom.

KILROY members honor our veterans, and proudly support the men and women serving, and those who have served in the US Military.